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Ivan M. has been chosen by the basket coaches of La Salle-Ampans to present as candidate as the best player, Special Olympics, in the 48th edition of Night of the sport, organised by the Municipality of Manresa.

nit-de-l-esportista-special-olympicsThe coaches highlighted the excellent attitude that Ivan has shown along the last season, representing the values of the sport, such as, responsibility, patience, sacrifice, perseverance…Likewise, they have stated that he has been a positive leader, with a high level of resilience before the defeats and has brought cohesion to the group, being the second voice, after the coach.

Before the award ceremony, Ivan commented me that he didn’t remember clearly when he started to play basket, because he was very young, but he always wanted to play some sport. A short time ago he discovered paddle and now he plays a match every week.

The thing he likes most is to practise sport activities because he thinks it is a good way of having relationships with people from different origins and helps him to make new friends.

Ivan was very satisfied the way this basket season had gone because the team has improved a lot, in spite of the results. He played all the matches, what he considered a personal success.

When the coaches called him and told him that he was a finalist to be presented in this sport edition in the Night of the Sportsman, he couldn’t believe it! He was proud of himself and of his team too. During our conversation, before knowing the final decision, he admitted he was a bit nervous before knowing if he was the winner and, at the same time, he was very excited.

Just imagine, how he felt when he learnt that, finally, he was the winner in the category of Special Olympics … He was on top of the world, satisfied and pleased to celebrate it with the people he loves!

Congratulations, Ivan!

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