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On the occasion of the Organic Law of Reformation of the General Election Regime (LOREG), the foundation will carry out three dynamics with users of the support teams of Lleida, Girona i Barcelona during the period from March to May. The purpose of the sessions is to provide them relevant information about the next elections […]


With the reform of the Organic law of the General Electoral Procedure (LOREG), 100.000 persons, who had been deprived of their right to vote for having been incapacitated judicially, will be able to vote in the next general elections, next May, and in all the elections summoned in the future. These persons, who have been […]


Last November, 7th, the Plenary of the Members of Spanish Parliament, took into consideration the admission the acceptance for processing the Draft Law of the Reform of the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime, and thus guarantee the right to vote of all the persons with intellectual disabilities, mental illness or cognitive deterioration. This reform […]


The council of Justice of Generalitat will present, next February, an amendment to the Parliament to reform the Civil Code of Catalunya, and try to ensure that the judges state expressly about the faculty of exercising the right to vote in each case of incapacitation dictated by them. Currently, there are 4.000 persons in Catalunya, […]


The persons with learning disabilities have a lot of obstacles when it comes to participate in the political life. According to the data of the Ombudsman, 4.000 adult persons cannot exercise their right to suffrage in Catalunya, due to a sentence of incapability that limits their juridical capacity. In Spain this figure reaches 80.000 people […]

We claim the right to vote

According to the UN Convention about The Rights of the People with Learning disabilities, passed the year 2007, for Spain, the people with learning disabilities have the right to vote in equal conditions than the rest of the citizens. The right to vote in elections and the right lead an active life in the political […]

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