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“I wanted to let know my experiences, tell what happened to me, so that nobody would suffer the same”

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“On many occasions, isolated facts that have no apparent relationship among themselves, may become important to change the future of people”

This is what happened to Marcos Antonio. When things seemed that they couldn’t go worse, some circumstances led to meet some people who took care of him and were concerned about his future. These thoughts and stories are explained in his book “Jo, Marcos”, where he tells his biography, a singular story that does not leave indifferent to anyone, and that has been awarded with the prize “Romà Planes i Miró”.

Marcos was born in Ourense 42 years ago and came to live to Barcelona when he was a child. Due to his shyness and his problems to speak, he received a wrong diagnostic and he was sent to a psychiatric centre. A group of volunteers of Grup de Projecció, close connected with The Escola del Clot of the Jesuits monks, arrived at that centre and when they saw the situation that Marcos was suffering managed to move him to Llars Mundet. From that moment, a volunteer couple made Marcos to initiate a slow personal transformation.

These days, Marcos is under the Guardianship of Som Fundació and he is still in contact with those people who helped him years ago, and are his real family. Together we are tracing his future, towards his independence. Now we will know a bit more about him.

What is your day by day life?

I am at the Fundació Pere Mitjans. I collaborate in different tasks, I deliver food to the flats of the entity, I help my mates… I live with nine people in a residence in Poble Nou, accompanied by a team of monitors.

Do you feel well here?

Yes, I am very well. They take care of me, but I would like to be more independent

Which are your hobbies?

I like watching football, riding my bike, although I am not very perseverant. I also see movies, action films, mainly, and I like to spend my free time with my mates. I enjoy it.

How do you see yourself in the future?

I would like to meet a girl and live on our own, and have a family, I’d lilke to be father…

Why did you want to tell your story?

I wanted to let know my experiences, tell what happened to me, so that nobody would suffer the same. It is also a grateful act towards those people that have helped me, since they are so important to me. In this book there are a lot of people who have participated and have been witnesses of my past life, like l’Araceli Ricart.

Awarded with the Prize “Romà Planes i Miró”, what does it mean to you?

When they called me to collect the prize I was very surprised, I didn’t expected it. The prize has given me a lot of energy and enthusiasm to write a second part, in which I will tell how my life is now.

Where can we find the book?

You will find it in at l’Arxiu de la Memòria Popular located in la Roca del Vallès.


We want to take advantage of this bulletin to thank this testimony of Marcos and congratulate him for daring to go on his own to Madrid, where he enjoyed his holidays with some friends.


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