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Óscar G. is a blind-deaf persons who, with the support of Som – Fundació, has succeeded in living in a flat in an independent way. However, it has not been easy to achieve this goal.

The fact of living in a boarding adult institution after having lived in a youth boarding centre meant for him a step backwards, since he met people who had problems very different from his. On the other hand, he told us that he lost autonomy because he had to do daily tasks that he had already learnt to do, such as washing his clothes of cooking.

For these reasons, he had very clear his project of life, “I wanted to live in a flat in an autonomous way and organising myself day by day”. This project was worked in thevida-independent-persones-amb-discapacitat-intel·lectual foundation and we coordinated the required support from other entities like Apsocecat or Fundació ONCE. When finally, we told Óscar that we had found a flat he felt very happy. However, the first day he was on his own he felt a bit anguished because the environment was uncertain for him. He tells us, “I am a very independent person and, in the beginning, I felt helpless because I couldn’t manage myself and I need company wherever I wanted to go”. However, this feeling disappeared when he learnt new ways to go and his neighbours.

Óscar is a very active person. Each day, he gets up at six in the morning and carries out several different activities. Once a week, He go to projecte-de-vida-autònoma-discapacitat-intel·lectualthe Fundació ONCE headquarters and attends lessons of pottery, baskets and scale models. On Wednesdays, he goes swimming Picornell swimming pool. Swimming gives him a feeling of calm, quietness, and freedom. Besides, he does costume jewellery at home and he gives it away to his friends. However, what he likes most is reading: “it is as if I saw a film with my mind”.

He also likes internet and he updates his profile of Facebook every day. He has a tool that allows him to accede to the contents of social networks and keep relationship with his followers.

Óscar comments us that there are people who tell him that they would not be able to do all he does, but he considers that people adapt themselves to situations as they face them in life. Now, he is very satisfied because he has succeeded in living as he always want to.

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