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som – fundació has decided to create a Space of Meeting for the volunteers that carry out their task at our entity. The Space tries to be a place where:

  • Share and reflect about the issues that worry volunteers.
  • Discuss about the task of volunteers as well as the intellectual disability and development.
  • Recognise the importance of the figure of the volunteer.
  • Provide tools of interpersonal and methodological communication to volunteers.
  • Invigorate the community of volunteers of the foundation
  • Get to know more deeply and closely the foundation
  • Strengthen the feeling of belonging to the foundation.

The idea of creating and managing this space answers to the objective of enable the assistant volunteers to stablish relationships among the, and among the professionals of the foundation and to get to know in a broader way the task carried out in the different areas an programmes of the entity.

In short, the aim is to create a space to recognise the role other volunteers and their importance and prominence inside som – fundació, in order to strengthen their task and enable the interchange of experiences and knowledge. For these reasons, we have thought of working in a dynamic and co participative way. It will be the group who will propose the issues to be discussed and these will be conveyed by means of participative dynamics.

We have considered that this structure will enable the participation and will generate a more convivial space that at the same time will produce a significant learning for the people attending, which is an objective that was considered in the Strategic Plan of the entity.

Last 30th of May was held the first Meeting, attended by 8 volunteers and 3 professionals of the entity. It resulted a very dynamic and participative meeting, in which diverse issues arose and some proposals were made in order to be discussed in the next meeting.

Thank you very much for your participation!

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