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Last October, the team of self-evaluation of quality of Feaps, carried out a working session, quite different to those done until then. After a lot of meetings in which we analysed the moment in which our entity is, we started to think what we could do to improve it, and we created a more relaxed atmosphere so that the participants of the group could share our experiences.

Tomatoes, ham, potato omelettes. These were the first items of our shopping list of a very special meeting. After going shopping to a nearby supermarket and laying the table, we had a good lunch while we talked about matters related with our participation in the entity. We asked ourselves how we participated in Som Fundació and each one from our role of person under guardianship, worker, volunteer or member of the Patronage.

This meeting has helped us, undoubtedly, to get closer to the people participant in the team, a key matter to improve our bonds of confidence and, definitely, to improve the results of this project.

In the next months we are going to collect information about what we can do to improve the quality of life of our persons under guardianship, who are the centre of all our actions.

We will keep you informed of the whole process!

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