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We started at good pace this last month of May, celebrating the evening meal in a very different place: the Caseta of  the Hermandad de los Romeros (the house of the Hermandad de los Romeros) in the Fórum of Barcelona. One year more, this collaborative entity has offered us its place to meet with the persons we support as well as with volunteers, members of the patronage, volunteers and professionals.

As it has been a tradition so far, the event started with some snacks, and next all the assistants started to sing and dance “rumbas” and “sevillanas”. From then on, the rhythm of the music cheered up the most extrovert person to go on to the stage and dance. The rest of the people joined them in joy and everybody participated in the choreography.

Other people, preferred, however, to be seated and shared confidences and anecdotes with their colleagues that hadn’t seen for so long and they updated with their novelties and news.

As a picture is worth more than a thousand words, we include a selection of photographs at our page of Facebook, which shows how we celebrate this special and expected event . To accede to the content of the images, click here

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