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Today, and ever, be accomplice of their capabilities. International Day of People with Disabilities

Today, December, 3rd, is the International Day of People with (Dis)abilities and we want to join the campaign carried out by Dincat and Cocarmi (Comitè Català de Representants de Persones amb Discapacitat Intel·lectual). We think that it is important to know the reality of the collective, emphasizing their capabilities, because if we want their rights to be respected we must change the point of view on (dis)abilities.

As the slogan of Dincat says, today and ever, we must be accomplices of their capabilities and make visible everything these people can do and how they contribute to the development of the society.

On the other hand, Cocarmi has elaborated with the rest of the sector of the world of disabilities a manifest that this year has adopted the slogan “Each day less opportunities. And now, what?”

This slogan makes clear how the policy of adjustments goes on affecting our sector in all the areas and that we must remember that the people with learning disabilities or development have their rights, and that these must be respected, in spite of the crisis context.

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