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Last May, 16th, we started the first basic workshop on financial training given by volunteers that take part of the Associació de voluntaris de La Caixa and addressed to users of Som – Fundació. For this first session there were two groups, one was located in the CaixaFòrum headquarters, and the other in the offices of our entity.

The training is composed of 4 workshops dealing with these issues:

  • Workshop 1
    Addressed to persons living in a residence or in a flat who have a weekly financial allowance. These are people who have a certain difficulty to manage a more complex budget and they will be given tools to help them to manage their weekly money, and see how they can save some money…
  • Workshop 2
    Addressed to people who are in the programme of independent life, although they have supports and manage weekly and/or annual budgets. These will learn to distribute the expenses and classify them depending on their needs, how they can save money, which expenses they can or cannot assume.
  • Workshops 3 and 4 will be practical workshops to learn about the operation of ATM and credit cards.

The objectives of the workshops are:

  • Explain, in a practical and adapted manner the basic concepts on financial training.
  • Facilitate tools and guidelines to improve the management and personal finances.
  • Help them to optimise the resources available and the individual budget of the attendants.

We programmed activities that have as a base the closest reality of the attendants. Emanated form from real facts, we promoted the reflexion and analysis for a further proposal fo readings, exercises or dynamics that allow to know and / or train new forms of thinking and acting that have been demonstrated being effective in the management of the personal finance.

formacio-financera-persones-amb-discapacitat-intel·lectualThe attendants to the first session were very grateful because they were able to share experiences with the rest of the classmates and they received the first recommendations to put into practice in the day by day life. At the end of the training they will have acquire useful skills to carry out a good management of the personal finance and to take decisions that will contribute to improve their financial peace.

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