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The people who tick the X Solidària, known as well as of social ends, in the income tax declaration, help the NGOs to develop their social task and go on improving the conditions of life of the least favourite collectives of our society.

Thanks to the contributors that ticked the box of social ends in their income tax declaration last year, during 2015, 1,236 programmes of social action will be launched, developed by 469 entities, that will benefit 6 million of people in exclusion social risk, of which 715,000 have some sort of disability.

According to the dossier elaborated by the Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector de Catalunya about the case of Activities of General Interest considered of Social Interest, we outstand the following data:

  • In the area of Catalunya, it is estimated that the percentage of contributors that ticked the box of social ends was about 48%, the highest percentage of all the autonomic communities, and 12 points over the average of Spain.
  • In 2014, Catalunya received 30.8 million of euros dedicated to social programmes, out of the total of 220 million distributed in the whole country.
  • Almost 79% of the money collected goes to social programmes and the rest is devoted to projects of international cooperation (20 %) and environment (1%).

To tick the box of social ends does not imply an additional cost for the contributor. In other words, the contributor will not have to pay more, or he will not be paid more if the declaration is negative. Besides, you can tick the box of the church at the same time. This way, the total assigned will be 1.14 %, 0.7 % for each option. In case you don’t tick any box, 0.7 % will be assigned to the General Estate Budget.

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