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Marc G. is a dog trainer, and has joined in as volunteer in the Volunteer Programme of Som – Fundació. Marc is always accompanied by his dog, Tazz.

teràpia-canina-persones-discapacitatThrough Tazz’s training, a dog belonging to a dangerous breed, three persons with intellectual disabilities are doing canine therapy, under the guidelines of Marc. The sessions take place three times a week, during the month of June.

teràpia-persones-discapacitat-intel·lectualIsidre, M. Jesús, and Yosune stimulate, without noticing themselves, their motor, communicative and social skills, by means different activities such as, hiding a ball, brushing, stroking, and combing Tazz or giving him water.

After the first sessions, we have noticed the values Tazz has brought to the users since he accepts them as they are, and this improves their state of mind and favours their interaction. On the other hand, the games favour their motor coordination and when they brush the dog, for example, they increase non-verbal communication, and, above all, the continuous eye contact with the dog.

We must highlight that the participants enjoy the physical contact with the dog and, above all, they enjoy stoking him. All of them finish the sessions with a big smile and look forward to the next meeting with Tazz.

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