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In Som – Fundació, we celebrate the approval of the preliminary project of Law for the reform of Civil Code referred to people with disability carried out by the Council of Ministers on 7 July. Thanks to this preliminary project, disability as a civil estate lags behind, and introduces changes in the regulation of institutions […]


The Asociación Española de Fundaciones Tutelares (AEFT) promotes the creation of a speakers’ network formed by persons with intellectual disability of the different entities. This initiative is framed within the programme of sensitivity and empowerment of the Association carried out thanks to the grant of the 0, 7% de l’IRPF. The speakers’ network will work […]


Montse S. had the opportunity of participating in the audition of the programme Auténticos, which tries to accompany persons with disabilities to achieve their important goals. The programme has six episodes and being released since January 15 on Sexta TV Channel, on Tuesdays at 22.30 hours. One of Montse’s dreams has always been to be […]


EEA Margarita, service provider entity of Athens that is part of the European Association of providers of services for persons with disabilities (EASPD), was interested in getting information abaout the tasks of support in the decision making carried out in other member entities. Raul Olivera, of Som – Fundació, Ferran Blanco and Pep Sole of […]

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