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One year more, we celebrated the traditional Dinner Christmas of Som – Fundació at the hotel Barceló Sants in Barcelona. We had the assistance of 478 persons, among persons we support, professionals, patrons and volunteers of our Foundation.

The celebration started with the welcome message of our Manager Director, Josep Tresserras. Then on, all of us has a joy and we shared experiences, anecdotes and moments in a very warm atmosphere.

At the moment of the desserts, Jordi Costa, president of Som – Fundació, handed out the awards to the seven finals of the Contest of Christmas 2016, as well as the awards to the winners.

Later, we had one of the most expected moments for the assistants: the delivery of the Christmas presents. The professionals of our Foundation paraded triumphal in the lounge with all the presents dressed up for the moment.

But there was still a more exciting surprise!!! Josep Tresserras announced that there was a “photo booth” in the lounge ready to everybody who wanted to take a photo of themselves in a peculiar way. Next to the photograph machine there was a wardrobe full of all the possible complements to dress up for the occasion and pose in a very funny way. Immediately, there was a long colourful queue waiting and dancing to the rhythm of the music.

The celebration was an extraordinary occasion to share good moments

among all the persons we are part of the Foundation

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