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The Accompany me program tries to ensure the accompaniment to medical visits, proofs, hospitalisations… of users who require them, to ensure good monitoring of their health and the correct medicine intake, offering them the help they need to recognise and learn how to defend their right to receive the adequate health care. L’Obra Social de la Caixa collaborates with this program and contributes to foment the welfare of the people with disability to whom we support.

It is important to outstand that in the field of the intellectual disability there are people who have a very low level of comprehension, a cognitive deficit, lack of autonomy or any other cause that prevents them from achieving a correct monitoring of their health. For this reason, the foundation wants to ensure that they have the support to guarantee the coverage and the monitoring of their health.

The project Accompany me guarantees:

  • Assistance to a visit or medical proof
  • Personalised treatment
  • Support in hospitalisation and/ or periods of convalescence
  • Accessible information about their health situation
  • Monitoring of the treatment and their health situation
  • Increase of the participation of the person and as a consequence, improvement of their autonomy.

Definitely, this program makes the information accessible to the person with disability and, at the same time, is a support for the professionals of the health sphere.

Thanks for the collaboration of entities such as l’ Obra Social de La Caixa,
we can continue enlarging the number of beneficiaries of the program and guarantee their welfare.

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