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Redcode, a consulting company of services of marketing, has collaborated with som – fundació in the designing and implementation of the Strategic Plan, during the period 2013-2015. Along these two years, Pla-Estrategic-som-fundacio-we have defined the strategic lines of the Foundation and we have established the priority projects in order to improve the services offered by the entity.

The most outstanding projects developed during this period have been the following:

  • Communication

Creation of a plan of Communication that is starting to be implemented.

  • Economical Sustainability

 Improvement of the management of the income and expenses of the persons we protect.
 designing of a plan of caption of members.

  • Quality of life of the persons that the entity supports.

 Defence and promotion of the rights of the persons with learning disabilities that que protect. During 2015, we have succeeded in the recovering of the right to vote for three persons.
 Promotion and formation of a group of persons of support, so that the can solve doubts of the new persons incorporated to the entity.
 Potentiate the Programme of Independent Life, so that there may be more beneficiaries that can incorporate themselves to flats under the entity guardianship.
 Make sure the continuous formation in the rights of the persons and the confidence of data, of the professionals as well as the persons protected by the foundation.

  • Programme of volunteers

 Organize activities for both volunteers and persons under protection in order to strengthen their mutual links.
 Promotion of the formation of volunteers in external entities and federations in order to enlarge the knowledge in the area of disability and volunteers.

  • Internal Organisation

Development of a model of management of competencies in order to improve the policy of management and direction of the professionals.

  • Quality in the management

 Maintenance of the system of management of the quality according to the requirements established by ISO.
 Set up the System of self-evaluation of the quality of Plena Inclusión.

  • Ethics

 Revision of the ethic code of the foundation in order to adapt it to the current needs.
 Consolidation of the space of ethic reflexion in Social Services (ERESS), developed during 2015.

  • Preguardianship

 Achieve a mutual knowledge and a link between entity and families of the person under guardianship, managing the contacts that are being carried out periodically.
 Offer attention and counsel in legal, economical and healthy aspects, to the families interested that keep contact with the entity.

We thank indeed Redcode for its collaboration during this period.

Calidad Plena Inclusión ISO 9001