Bussiness commitment with Som Fundacio

If you collaborate with us
you will participate in improving the quality of life
of people with intellectual disabilities,
a particularly vulnerable group in our society.
Your company can serve as a model
to other companies in the country.

With your collaboration,
the working people of your company,
your clients,
and the people who collaborate with your comapany
will also win.

Options to collaborate with Som Fundacio

Economic collaboration

With your economic contribution,
you will make our programs possible
to improve the quality of life
of the people we support.
Choose the one that suits the best
with your company!

For example:
You can help
than all the people we serve
can be accompanied to the doctor.

Donating a product or a service

You can collaborate by donating material
that we can use to improve attention
to the people we support.
You can also provide a service
that helps to improve
the quality of life
of our people.

For example:
If you are a dentist,
you can offer your services cheaper.

Company volunteering

At Som — Fundació we think
that the union of all people makes strength.
Together we can make known
the business values of your company to your workers,
through a volunteering experience
with the people we support.

Send us your proposal
and we will find the best way to do it.

Send us your proposal and we will find the perfect formula!

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