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From DINCAT we call to the demonstration that will take place on November, 25th at 18.30 hours, at Plaça Sant Jaume of Barcelona, with the slogan “YOU ARE WALKING ON OUR RIGHTS, THIS IS ENOUGH!”. We ask for the participation of the persons with learning disabilities, their families, and the professionals that develop their task at the entities of the learning disabilities area.

With this demonstration we try to claim for those priority matters that are not been resolved yet and that damage the rights of the persons with learning disabilities and their families such as:

  • Difficulties to access to the services of daily attention and dwelling.
  • Law of Dependence.
  • Order of co-payment that diminishes in an abusive way the acquisitive power of people.
  • Limitation of the creation of jobs that hinder the full inclusion of the persons with learning disabilities.

som – fundació will participate in this demonstration to join the vindication and request support for the collective of persons with learning disabilities that we protect, and because they need it to improve their quality of life and their full inclusion in the society.

We will see you there!!!

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