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The foundation has had, one year more, and there are just five years altogether, the collaboration of Primavera Sound to be able to attend this big musical event celebrated in Barcelona from May, 31st to June, 4th The organisation of the festival offered us free tickets for 33 people, among professionals and persons under our support, to attend the different concerts that took place during that weekend.

One of the objectives of the attendance to this type of events is offering the opportunity to persons with a low income to participate in a different activity, very interesting in a cultural manner, and, at the same time, a very integrating activity in the society.

The persons who had the luck of attending this festival, enjoyed these concerts, as well as their participation in the choreographies organised in a spontaneous way with the rest of the audience. Maybe one of the concerts we liked most was that of Grace Jones, due to her musical strength and her spectacular show. But we also liked a lot Sampha, Descendents, Van Morrison, Metronomy, Arcade Fire and Hinds.

But Primavera Sound included as well other options, such as:

  • Participation in games.
    Ivan L. was the most skilful and he won as fireproof frog. As you can imagine, he was very happy with his prize.
  • Karaoke
    Eduardo G., Fernando V., Ivan L. and Rafaela V., accompanied by Amanda Salto and Raquel Hidalgo, guardianship referents, encouraged themselves to be protagonist of a karaoke. And, they did it fairly well!

We enjoyed a very intense weekend, full of rhythm and very good music.

We thank Primavera Sound for the collaboration!

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