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The Conference Europe in Action 2017, organised by Inclusion Europe and Inclusion Czech Republic, was held in Prague during the 1st and 3rd of June. The Conference was attended by 230 persons, among professionals, families, and persons with intellectual disabilities.

On this occasion, the main issues of the conference were focused on love, life, and friendship of the persons with intellectual disabilities. The programme had the participation of professionals of the entity members that shared knowledge and cases relative to these issues, with the participation of persons with intellectual disabilities that explained their experiences accompanied by their relatives.

During the conference there were quite a lot workshops about:

  • Love and friendship, in which the main topic was the importance of the social relationships to build a project of life.
  • Health and Welfare, in which there was a new approach to the need of giving support to the women with intellectual disabilities that want to become mothers.
  • Dates and sex, in which there was an approach of showing the reality of the sexual situation of the people we support, dealing with matters like the need of enjoying a date or the right of having a diverse sexuality.
  • Save family, save friendship, save love and sex. In this case, there was a big talk about the importance of the right, the content, and capacity in a relationship and, at the same time, the means to help us to detect violence and sexual abuse in this collective.

Josep Tresserras, manager director of our entity, presented several cases of persons with intellectual disabilities that have carried out their project of life with our support. These examples tried to show not only the challenges that they achieved but also the difficulties they came across on some occasions.

The  conference  finished  with  the  celebration  of  the General assembly of Inclusion Europe in which Som – Fundació also participated as entity member.

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