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inclusió-esport-persones-amb-discapacitatIsrael C. has played hockey since he was 5 in Junior FC Grup Catalònia de Sant Cugat. From 14 to 21st of July, he participated with his team in the Jocs Europeus del campionat INAS celebrated in Paris.

As you can imagine, Israel was very happy for attending a european competition and succeeding in ending a good season, he plays in the league BBVA Hoquei Plus de 2017-2018, in which they finished in fourth position, which is not bad at all, but he says that they “they must improve every year”. We are sure they will do it!

inclusio-persones-amb-discapacitatIn fact, they obtained a better position in the European Games, the third place. However, Israel commented us in an interview that the classification was very tight, because the matches versus countries such as Italy, Holland or France were very competitive. However, the whole team was very consistent along the whole championship.

When he was asked about the highlights of this experience, Israel answered us that the most extraordinary thing was the attitude of their coach: “She managed at every moment to encourage us in all the matches and do our best all the time”.

Finally, we must add that Israel practises as well basket, football, handball and athletics.

Congratulations for your good results in this sport!

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