Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 18 de January de 2021

Some members of the group of Som Companys met in person last month to walk around fomentant-xarxa-social-persones-discapacitatMonjuïc and recorded a video for the greeting of New Year that we have published in our page of facebook. They took advantage of the meeting to answer the survey about the evaluation of the activities in which they have participated during 2020. The dynamisers of the group contacted by phone with the rest of the people who could not attend in order to collect their respective evaluations.

First, it should be noted that, due to the pandemic, face-to-face meetings have been considerably reduced and telematic meetings have been intensified, which have been appreciated by the majority of the members. Some of them have indicated that it has helped them to feel supported and accompanied.

On the other hand, some people have not been able to participate as much as they would have liked because they have had technological problems and are the ones who have most found themselves missing their companions and companies.

Some members of the group are calling for an increase in telematic meetings so that their colleagues can help them to broaden their knowledge of new technologies. In this way, they could increase the number of virtual discussions to deal with the topics they are interested in.

The survey also includes the proposals that they would like to carry out during 2021. Below, we highlight the most requested ones:

  • Outdoor activities
    From visiting museums, watching a movie at the cinema, meeting a famous person, going to the beach or participating in painting and handicraft workshops.
  • Themes
    The group is interested in a wide range of topics, and we would like to talk about climate change, legal issues that may affect them, changes that the pandemic has brought to the population or empathy.
    They would also like to hold meetings to share things that concern them, such as situations seen at work, problems of coexistence, etc.

Finally, they indicated how they feel in the group and their evaluation has been very positive:

  • They feel supported
  • They like to meet each other, but they prefer face-to-face meetings
  • They can trust their companions and their companies.

These opinions help us to continue working to expand the Som Companys group among the intellectually disabled people we serve. We are convinced that this space broadens their social network, promotes their empowerment and contributes to improve their quality of life.