Volunteer with us! Som Fundacio

Som Fundació

has a group of volunteers
that accompanies the people we support
in their free time.

Volunteers have a very positive impact
in the lives of the people we attend.
Volunteers help them to break the routine
sharing various activities
like for example:

  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Cultural activities
  • Walks
  • Meals
  • … or simply a coffee in a nice place.

Sometimes we also do group activities
with no cost,
like going to concerts,
or entertainment spaces,
watch adapted plays
or visit monuments.

All this, helps them
to improve their integration into society
and make their quality of life better.

All participants
win with this relationship:
both the volunteers
and persons with disabilities.

If you decide to volunteer with us
you will gain a friend
which you can count on
and that will care about you.
And you will be a witness
of his/her personal growth
and the positive impact
of your relationship in his/her life.

Is our time is gold… why not spend it in what really matters?

You will enjoy volunteering with us!

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