Categories: FoundationPublished On: 16 de November de 2020


The Commission of Christmas Postcards met on November 18th to select the 10 finalist concurs-persones-discapacitat of the VI Contest of the foundation. This year, due to the prevention measures of the pandemic, the commission was composed of 5 professionals of several areas who worked that day on the foundation premises: Cande Infante, Lluis Puigdomènech, Montse Alomà, Núria Sandín, and Olga Vilanova.

On this occasion, we had fewer participants than other years because the circumstances were more complex. However, we had 47 participants cared by the foundation who sent us 52 proposals by email, WhatsApp and, on some occasions, we have received some original postcards. We would like to thank to all the participants their effort and time. We want to outstand as well, the task of the entities that support the users to create the cards, as well as the dedication of the professionals of the foundation who have made possible the celebration of this contest in these pandemic days.

The creativity of the cards has been very diverse: we have received traditional drawings, abstract cards, watercolour works, and even a Christmas tree depicting the coronavirus times, made with diverse recycled materials, such as coffee capsules, tobacco card boxes and canes. The commission has had difficulties to reach the final verdict and we can present the selection of the 10 finalists:


From now on, we have to choose the 3 cards we like most. The selection can be made through:

  • Facebook
    The images of the 10 cards will be included and all the Facebook followers can choose the 3 favourites clicking a “I like” on the corresponding image.
  • List in the headquarters
    The professionals, the volunteers and users who visit our headquarters will find the lists in the reception desk in order to make their choice. On this occasion, we will display the cards at the entrance to promote the participation of our visitors and make easy the selections of the winners.

The counting of the votes will include those votes cast and received between the 20th and 27th of November, whether they come from the lists of the foundation or from the Facebook page.

We encourage you to participate in the selection!