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One of the actions contemplated by the project #ICanToo is promoting the formation of the persons under guardianship by Som – Fundació, that have interest in become volunteers in order to facilitating them the most relevant information about this subject and show them the activities in which they can participate.

voluntariat-inclusiu-discapacitat-intel·lectualLast April, 5ht, it took place the first formative session designed together by Cristina Herreros, technician in projects and responsible of volunteers of the Associació Saräu Oci Inclusiu, by Núria Vergara, and by Anna Sánchez, members of the working team promoter of the project #ICanToo of Som – Fundació.

The formation given by Cristina Herreros, tilted ‘About to do volunteering?’ The main objective was to ask questions one selves in order to discover what volunteering means. Some individual work was assigned to answer questions such as: Why do I want to become a volunteer? What would I like to do? Where Would I like to do it? Do I have enough spare time? All these answers would be shared later with the rest of the group.

Through some videos, the participants discovered:

  • What types of volunteering exist?
  • In which areas they can become volunteers.
  • Relevant information in order to take decisions when doing volunteering.

This way, everybody was able to assess easier in which activity of volunteering would feel more comfortable and more motivated.

voluntariat-inclusiu-discapacitat-intel·lectualFinally, through a dynamic roleplay, the assistants worked the attitudes and values that are involved when working as volunteers, such as, for example, good humour, responsibility, commitment, yearning for learning new things, respect to the norms, and other aspects that the participants put on the table.

The assistants were highly motivated and eager to start this new task. At the moment, all of them have registered to participate in the first experience, on May, 3rd, in the “berenar” of April Fair, organised by Som – Fundació, that is going to be held in the premises of Fòrum. The tasks to be carried out are to give support, facilitate indications, and accompanying the participants to the tables assigned in the pace of the part.

We hope this will be the first of a lot of more experiences to come in the future!

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