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“Families need information, we all need to know”


The Future Planning program is aimed at those families who have made and formalised in their will that, in the future, Som – Fundació  will be the guardian of their relative, with the capacity modified judicially, as well as to serve people in situations of lack of protection derived from the different administrations, entities, courts … before being the foundation’s tutor.

The activities organised are meant to promote mutual knowledge between Som – Fundació, the person we will support in the future and their family.

The program contemplates, on the one hand, the monitoring, the activities and the relationship established between the entity and the family, or, if there is no family, between the services that attend the person and, on the other hand, a relationship with the person with disability whom we will support in the future. In this way, a bond and mutual knowledge are generated, as well as accompaniment and support in the decision-making, offering them security and confidence for the future.

The Future Planning program contemplates the following objectives:

  • To have as much information as possible, and all documentation, of the person to whom we will provide support, when the time comes for acceptance of the guardianship.
  • Efficiently streamline all procedures that may help to manage the resources and assistance to which wards may be entitled.
  • Inform the families of  Som – Fundació’s work methods, so that they may feel at ease and have confidence in our entity.
  • Progressively bring the person whom we will attend in the future to Som – Fundació, creating a relationship that gives them security about their future and gives support when they lose their relatives or guardians.
  • Plan the future together with the family and the person we will support, taking into account their difficulties and needs.
  • Stand by the families offering information and advice about resources and assistance they have a right to, and about aspects related to patrimony and wills.
    The working method with the families and the person we will support consists of:

      • Personal interviews and home visits.
      • Periodic telephone follow-up.
      • Informative meetings and entertainment.
      • Send the families the annual report or Som – Fundació, the monthly publication Coses Nostres and any information that may be of interest to them.
      • Coordination with resource professionals and specialized primary care when requested or deemed necessary.
      • In specific circumstances, when needed, we accompany the family and the person we will support to deal with formalities and legal procedures.
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