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Isaac B., who takes part of the programme of Preguardianship of Som – Fundació, is a great sportsman. He has practised some sports for many years: basketball, swimming, and handball  with the team of Acidh. Precisely, The Federation Acell chose him to participate with the handball team in the World Special Olympic Games celebrated in Abu Dhabi from 14 to 21 of March.

Specials-Olympics-Abu-DhabiThe handball delegation left Barcelona on March 8th and they took advantage of the previous days of the competition to practise tourism in Dubai. He commented that what he noticed most was the skyscrapers, the tidy streets and the heat.

On March 14th took place the Opening Ceremony of the games with the parade of all the athletes, which seem to Isaac very exciting because “it was another way of being all the athletes together, independently of the sport ad their country of origin”.

During the days of the competition, the day started very early: He got up at 6.30, and headed for the headquarters of the games at 8.00 with the rest of the team. The training sessions started at 10.00, and then they played the matches. Therefore, it was an intense day.

handbol-special-olympicsThe handball team is unified: there are persons with and without disability and all the players who integrate the team are catalan. Isaac is a polyvalent player: he plays as defender and also as pivot. He is in a very good shape because he has played all the matches of the competition, and he scored two goals.

The most difficult matches were the last two, specially the one they played versus Sweden. They lost 20 t0 13. Nevertheless, Isaac is fully satisfied and, above all, with the silver medal they won.

Isaac indicates, “This has been a new experience”, and although Dubai was not the countries he liked most, “he had a great time with the people he met and he enjoyed the things he discovered in Dubai”.

Now, he is looking forward to the next games due to take place in Sweden in four years!

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