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Dincat Plena Inclusió Catalunya will give a course of formation about health and sexual affectivity addressed to persons with intellectual disabilities with necessities of limited or intermittent support. Gemma Deulofeu, professional of Dincat, will be in charge of offering the formation during the days 16, 23 i 30 of May in the headquarters of Som – Fundació.

The social area of the entity has offered the possibility of participating in the talks for the persons with intellectual disabilities we give support. Finally, we have created two groups od 12 people each to incentivize the participation of the assistants to the sessions.

We consider that this initiative is very enriching for the collective we attend, because it consists of informative sessions about aspects to take into account in order to enjoy a good health and a healthier sexuality.

In this formation sessions, we will defund the health guide Quan estic malalt… Escolta’m!  (When I am sick … Listen to me!) edited by Dincat. The guide includes orientations to make easier and more comfortable the fact of acceding to health services and some recommendations to be healthier. The most relevant issues are the following:

  • Going to the doctor
  • Food
  • Physical exercise
  • Hygiene

On the other hand, we consider that the persons with intellectual disabilities receive little information about sexual affectivity from their families, the specialised services, or from the very society. For this reason, we think that it is very important to deal these aspects related to this issue in the formation sessions that will take place, such as:

  • What is sexuality? What does sexuality can bring to my life?
  • My body, my thoughts, and my emotions
  • Healthy sexual affectivity expressions
  • Sexual affectivity expressions of risk
  • The couple and communication

The need of formation, and expanding knowledge and sensitize the collective we attend has motivated us to offer this formation to the persons with intellectual disabilities whom we support.

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