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The group of Som Companys was interested in do an activity about healthy habits and they decided to carry it out the 21st of May in Som – Fundació.

batuts-som-companysMontse Gozálvez and Carla Arcos, professionals of the foundation were the responsible of designing a dynamic activity of playful character with the aim of getting the highest participation of assistants. The objective was to raise the awareness of the participants about the importance of a food diet in our health.

They started the session with a video that showed the “wheel of food”, a didactic resource that helps to know the basic aspects of a balanced diet and the nutritional role that each group of food has.

There was as well a lot of shared information and recommendation for a healthy life: habits-saludables-som-companysdo exercise, drink a lot of water, give up smoking, and reduce the intake of pastries, sleep at least 8 hours, etc.

After the theory, it was the turn to put it into practice, and we did it with some fantastic seasonal shakes. The assistants wore gloves and peeled fruits and vegetables and elaborated several very healthy and tasty shakes.

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