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Cristina S., Fátima M., Jerònim N. and Núria G. attended with other users the workshop of Financial Education that a valoració-financera-persones-amb-discapacitatgroup of volunteers of the ‘Associació de voluntaris de “La Caixa” gave on February, 14th. They became familiar with tools that help to administrate their pocket money and save a part of their income.

From the foundation, we asked them to evaluate the formation received because it will allow us to improve the contents of the next workshops, which are already arranged.

We asked them what they had learnt and they gave us the answers:

  • It has helped me to distribute my pocket money in accordance with my needs.
  • It has helped me to pay the exact price of my shopping.
  • It has helped me to be aware of the money I have and to know what I spend.

valoració-taller-voluntarios-la-caixaBesides, they indicated that the explanations about the use of credit cards were very useful. They did not know a lot about bank commissions. Nevertheless, they said that that they were not informed about what the banks did with this money and that they would have liked to know it in the next sessions.

Regarding the evaluation of the material, they commented us that it was very useful to be able to use accessible material, but they would have liked to have used real money instead of photocopies.

Finally, they recommended doing the workshop in two sessions: one for information, and the other to practice exercises. This way, they would have more time to solve the problems.

Thank you for the recommendations that we will try to apply in the next sessions!

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