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Last March 26th, we carried out the second workshop about the right to vote. The participants were Cristóbal O., Dret-a-vot-persones-discapacitat-intel·lectualCristina S., Ivan L., José Antonio G., Marta F. and Núria G. Margui Grau, social area manager, chaired the session, together with Eugènia Muñoz, communication manager, and with the collaboration of Carme P. and Jerònim N., users of the foundation. Besides, we had the exceptional visit of Georgina Garcia, journalist of “Cuatro al día,” and her camera who recorded some moments of the workshop.

In the meeting, there were persons that had already voted in the past, before having their juridical capacity modified, and other persons who will be able to vote for their first time. All of them, though, were highly satisfied with the reform of the LOREG, which will allow them to recover their right to vote and “be able to participate in the political life as the rest of the citizens”.
During the session, there was a long discussion about the issues related to the process of elections and there were quite a few answers to question such as:

  • Type of electoral appointment
  • Information they will receive during the electoral campaign.
  • Where they will have to go to vote and composition of the poll station.
  • Documents to issue the on the Election Day.

At the same time, some assistants, like Cristóbal, asked, “and what about me? Could I be a member of a poll station? I’d like it very much”. This topic arouse some controversial, but most of the people said that they would like to be a member of a poll station. Doing this they feel would that they have the same rights as the rest of the people, they declared.

This workshop was very participative and managed to solve many doubts of the assistants.Dret-a-vot-Cuatro-al-dia

When the session finished, Georgina García, journalist of TV Cuatro interviewed Carme P. to know her account about the process of recovering the right to vote before the reform of LOREG, her opinion about the political situation or why the persons with intellectual disability were deprived of this right. We invite you to see the report in the following link.

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