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Montse A. lives on her own in a flat in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and receives support from the foundation in order to carry out her project of life.

Montse remembers that, at the beginning, she had trouble to interact with the other persons who are part of the entity, professionals as well as users. She felt restrained with the professionals, but as soon she was getting familiar with the support team, Rodrigo Porras and Càndida Neves, she got more confidence and, above all, calm.

The relationship with the other users was not easy, either at the beginning. Nevertheless, her attendance to the different activities organised by the foundation allowed her to meet other persons with intellectual disability, and had the opportunity to make good friends. She outstands, mainly, Amparo, a girl with whom she has on very well along. She enjoys meeting her at Feria d’Abril and at the Dinar de Nadal to have long chats and share good moments.

Currently, Montse is living with her dog, Blanca, which came to live with her when she came to this flat. The support team considered very important the fact that she could have a pet to help her to take responsibilities taking care of her, and distract herself.

vida-independent-suport-a-la-llarXavi Ros, social auxiliary, visits her weekly with the finality of detecting and solve any possible incidences that may turn up, and to do the shopping together. Besides, the support team of the foundation coordinates the home help, consisting this, basically, in accompanying her daily to walk Blanca.

Montse is very sociable and well known in the neighbourhood where she lives. Each day she meets a group of friends and take a walk, go to have lunch, and on Thursdays, they go to the street market.

Although we are almost on holidays, from the entity we are planning possible activities to be carried out in September. Rodrigo Porras, social referent, has already proposed for this new season to continue with the assistance to the adult school. Montse confesses that last year she enjoyed the lessons, except Mathematics… However, she will think it over, because learning is important, she admits.

Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us!

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