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“I wanted to do something to help, and, at the same time, help me myself”



Sergi Falco has got a Degree in Journalism. Although he considers he does not work as a journalist, this profession is always in his way of life and in his hobbies. He is working now in the Press Office of Wolkswagen, and he devotes his leisure time to learn new things, to enjoy a good book, to go to the theatre or the cinema, to listen to music, or to play the guitar. Serge has been a volunteer accompanying Lluis, one of our pupils, for a few months, with whom he spends part of his free time. Let’s know a bit more about Sergi.

What brought you to become a volunteer?

I had been thinking about it for a long time. I wanted to help, but, you know what happens, we are all very busy, with our job, objectives, projects… All are ambitions, to face the future… and I have always wanted to help, and at the same time, help me myself. I wanted to feel myself happy, so that the person who would be with me were happy as well.

What has been the experience with LLuis so far?

It has been very positive. Our first date was to have a coffee and it went very well. The second time, we went to the cinema. LLuis had not gone to the cinema for a long time and he felt very happy. He is a very grateful person and it is very satisfying to do things with him. It is very surprising that things that we take for granted are very new for him. On the contrary, things that we see as strange or call especially our attention, have no importance for him. When we are engaged in the iPads, for example, he enjoys playing with the machines in the shopping centre.

What have you planned for your next meetings?

Lluis, as if he did not want to say it, he is always suggesting things. Last day, for example, he told me he wanted to go to Museum of FC Barça, so I took down the proposal. We have also thought of going to see a play, although I presume that he would rather like to be an actor than a spectator. We are planning to do a guitar session, since we both share this hobby. He still has to come to pay a visit to my flat and have a coffee, since my companion also wants to meet him.

So, does this project satisfy your expectations?

Yes, of course. This is what I always wanted. I could help 20 people, put I would rather prefer to create this link with only one person, and make this experience richer. I want to help one person, and I want to do it well. I want to see him in his own eyes, and enrich each other mutually.

Thank you, Sergi.


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