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The project I can also be a volunteer (#ICanToo) was conceived with the idea of incentivising the active participation of the persons with disabilities that we support in their closest community area throughout the volunteering.

We want to give value to our task as responsible and guarantors of the persons we represent, as well as to open a new social dimension and favour the social inclusion.

voluntariado-personas-discapacidad-intelectualThe foundation has created a working team of professionals of the entity that is in charge of the implementation of the project. The persons who are part of this group are: Diliana Castejón, Maria Pamies, Montserrat Santos, Núria Vergara, and Anna Sánchez, responsible of the Programme of Volunteers, as leader of the project.

The project #ICanToo is addressed, mainly, to persons with intellectual disabilities under the support of our foundation in order to defend their right to participate in community life, a right recognised in the convention of the UN, within the rights of people with disabilities. At the same time, we try to promote the volunteering of persons with disabilities as a way of social integration and give them a role: from receiving to give support.

The dimension of the project #ICanToo goes further than the internal area of Som – Fundació:

  • It contemplates network with the entities that incorporate our users to their programmes of Volunteering.
  • Support of the person with disabilities towards the collectives of these programmes, and draws them near other realities.
  • Voluntariat-persones-discapacitatRelationship of the rest of volunteers of the collaborative entities that promote the normalisation of the collective of persons we support.

The first persons interested in participating in the project #ICanToo have carried out the voluntary action in Som – Fundació. Coinciding with the Christmas Dinner, celebrated las December, 16th, these persons were in charge of receiving and locate the 490 assistants to the tables they were assigned. That was their first experience and they said,

  • “I have felt very well helping people”.
  • “I have enjoyed getting involved with people and with other people I hadn’t met before”
  • “And, now, what other things can I do?”

These positive statements encourage us to continue dedicating our efforts and delusion to improve this project.

If you are interested in taking part in project #ICanToo:

Contact with your referent or guardianship auxiliary

if you are a person that is part of the entity

Send an email to or call 93 298 03 01

If you want further information and want to participate in it

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