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#JoTbPuc Formar-meThe improvement of the project #ICanToo has considered the creation of some two-hour formative capsules, addressed to the persons with intellectual disabilities that we attend and that are about to start volunteers in another entity.

The aim of the formation is to place the persons interested in the context of the volunteer action, informing them about the importance of the commitment that they acquire when acting as volunteers, and letting them know their rights and duties that they will assume as volunteers.

In these first capsules given in Som – Fundació to the persons interested during last February, we have included a mock interview so that they can be familiar to the type of questions that entities can formulate to them and feel easy with this first meeting. At the same time, they have been provided with a space in which they have express their doubts, their concerns and worries. This will allow us to monitor later the activities carried out.

Last March, we published a leaflet used a support material for the users. The purpose of this element is to provide information about volunteering, with accessible elements, so that they can assess it as an alternative and encourages them to participate.

On Thursday, April 5th, Cristina Herreros, coordinator of projects of Associació d’Oci Inclusiu Saräu, will give an informative capsule to the persons with intellectual disabilities that are interested in working as volunteers in other entities. The reason of this formation is to gain knowledge about the world of volunteers, and, specially, accompanying them in their decision.

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