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reflexió-ètica-serveis-socials-discapacitat-intel·lectualNext November 6th, will take place the celebration at Lleida of the III Jornada de l’Espai de Reflexió Ètica, organised by Federació Allem, which will have the participation of professionals of the guardianship entities and providers entities of services in the area of intellectual disabilities.

One of the objectives of the seminar is reflect from the ethical point of view about the decision making and the right to decide of the persons with intellectual disabilities. There will be different discussions panels to deal aspects that entities must consider with the finality of promote the implementation of the assistance since this is a right and has been recognised as a way of inclusion of the persons with disabilities.

Som – Fundació has been invited to take part in the panel that will values the most relevant subject that support of personal assistance has, as well as the most significant aspects about the figure of legal assistance. The panel will be chaired by Esther Llanas, social referent, and will have the participation of Albert Rodríguez, lawyer of the entity, Raquel M. and Montserrat G., users of the foundation.

Raquel M. is part of the programme Independent Life of de Som – Fundació and will explain everything that brings about the fact of having a personal assistant that helps in the day-by-day life. On the other hand, Montserrat G. will talk about the types of support that include the legal figure of the assistant that she receives form Som –Fundació.

The actions to be carried about will be addressed to improve the coordination of the social agents involved, both in the legal sphere as well as in the area of social services, in order to respect the will and wish of the persons we care.

Programme of the Seminar

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