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We return to work after Easter holidays with much more energy and with a new proposal addressed to the persons we accompany in Som-Fundació.

formació-discapacitat-intel·lectual-millorar-autonomiaMaria Rosa T. has just re-joined Som – Fundació as volunteer and with her we have decided to organise a workshop tailored to the users in order to facilitate learnings to develop their autonomy. Maria Rosa is economist, and she is committed with the social world and carries out activities of volunteer in other entity.

The workshop started on April, 3rd, and until the 12th of June will be given in our headquarters during Tuesdays, from 16.30 to18.00 hours. The contents of the workshop include proposals to strength reading and writing, consolidate operations of basic calculation, interpretation of maps, or managing easy travels and tours by metro or bus, as well as knowing an easy recipe or daring to perform an artistic activity.

All the issues are focused from a practical point of view, even ludic, with the aim of incorporating skills in an attractive way an entertaining and, and the same time, allows them to win autonomy.

In this first edition, there are six participants who have shown a lot of interest in acquiring new knowledge that facilitate them their day by day life: Aida R., Rafa G., Rafa L., la Rebeca C, and Xavi B.

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