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On the occasion of the Organic Law of Reformation of the General Election Regime (LOREG), the foundation will carry out three dynamics with users of the support teams of Lleida, Girona i Barcelona during the period from March to May. The purpose of the sessions is dret-a-vot-Gironato provide them relevant information about the next elections and assess the possible supports they may need to exercise their right to vote.

On March the 4th, we had the first session with the participation of Fran C., Miguel Angel B., Sonia E., Víctor P., persons under the Girona support team and Montse S., user of the foundation who dret-a-sufragicollaborated with Raúl Olivera, coordinator of the social area and Eugènia Muñoz, communication officer, in the dynamization of the meeting. This meeting took place in our headquarters.

The meeting started with the assessment of the reform of the LOREG, which has allowed to recover the right to vote to the persons with intellectual disabilities that were not able to exercise it in the past due to the modification of their juridical capacity. Some of the assistants used to vote in the past but they stop doing it when their capacity was modified by the court. Therefore, they are now highly satisfied for having recovered this right and be able to “choose the political party that best represent them”.

Later, the group raised some doubts about the differences among the next elections, and Montse S. explained them the most significant characteristics of them. Likewise, there was an enumeration of the possible political alternatives and altogether were solving doubts about it.

Another issue that concerned the assistants was the procedure to be able to vote. They were informed that they would have sent the census card that indicates the polling station. In case they would not receive this census card in time, they could go to the town hall to claim for it.

Another issue was the polling day and what they have to take into account: opening hours, ballot paper, voting booth, and the possible support from the foundation if required.

During the whole session, we supported ourselves on the documents of easy reading, available in the website of  Plena Inclusion. With this tool, we favoured the comprehension of the whole matter.

The meeting was very participative and the group valued it very positively because most of the doubts were solved.

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