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informacio-assessorarent-persones-tuteladesSom – Fundació informs and orientate people, who have a relative with an intellectual disability, or professionals of other entities about the process of judicial modification of capacity, as well as on issues related to guardianship, protected heritage, will, etc.

The purpose of this service is to offer options that will help families to make an ideal planning for the future of their relatives, ensuring the necessary protection and supports for them when they are no longer there.

The foundation offers for free:

  • Information, orientation and assistance to families with relatives with intellectual or developmental disabilities, about the process of modification of legal capacity and the assignment of a guardian.
  • Follow-up of the commitments acquired with the families, coordinating with the Administration and with the private entities, to avoid risk situations.
  • Advice to current tutors on their obligations.
  • Legal advice on matters related to will and heritage.
  • Information and orientation to families on the procedures and requests to access assistance.

The foundation also participates in talks and workshops aimed at families and / or professionals from other entities to share information about the process of modifying legal capacity and about the support provided by guardianship entities. We also offer talks on these topics to entities and family groups that request it.

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