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Pilar T Som Fundacio

Pilar T. has been lucky to travel to Chile to visit Rosa A., her volunteer partner, who invited her to spend fifteen days to travel around the country. In order to make it possible, Carmen V., auxiliary of guardianship, and her couple, Francisco, accompanied Pilar in her first flight ever. Pilar was a bit nervous but she became calm as she started to enjoy the views from the plane. Besides, the crew invited her to visit the captain’s cabin, and from then on, the whole flight was more relaxed.

Rosa and Gerardo, her couple, were waiting for her at the airport of Santiago de Chile to take her to their home. She had to recover because, the day after, she was to start a tour around different places of the city.

The first weekend, they went to the village of Casablanca, located at the vine area of Chile. Where they could visit some wine cellars and taste delicious cakes of pi. They also could go to Farellones, in the Andes, and enjoy its beautiful landscape.

diario de Pilar en Santiago.pagesOn their way back to Santiago, she still had time to share some days with Rosa visiting several places of the city. Pilar and Rosa walked in some gift shops, where a Pilar bought for herself a pair of earrings of lapis lazuli, the official precious stone of Chile.

Rosa, the volunteer, and her couple, managed to make Pilar enjoy several intensive days with a lot of activities in Santiago and surroundings. Rosa wrote a diary with details and photos of the trip. Congratulations, Rosa for your dedication to volunteers.

We thank Pilar and Rosa for sharing their experience with us

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