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“accompanying him to buy clothes or to hospital, afternoon meals, Christmas dinner…”

SOM – FUNDACIÓ CATALANA TUTELAR has at its core the exercise of the guardianship of people with intellectual disabilities in all forms prescribed by law: protection, guardianship, asset management, and legal defender and a counselling body.
The programme of guardianship is one of the fundamental services of Som – Fundació. The main objective is to ensure all wards have an emotionally supportive volunteer who, at the same time, promotes an awareness of the reality of people with intellectual disabilities to the society to public knowledge.

In the personal sphere
Since its inception,  the personal  dimension  in  the  exercise  of  guardianship  has  been  one  of  the  most  important  points  in the ideology of the SOM – FUNDACIÓ CATALANA TUTELAR. Guardianship requires mainly affection and care, qualities that Som – Fundació  have developed with a special sensitivity towards making them present in the most important moments of the lives of its wards.

In addition, meetings are held each month in Barcelona and outside the city, where there are activities to bring people together so that they feel united, appreciated and also perceived to be a  part of Som – Fundació. Among these activities, there is a special monthly tea (merienda) and Christmas dinner.

We also design individual work plans, which implement the actions and activities decided by the multidisciplinary team. Within these plans we encourage the relationships between the guardians and Som – Fundació staff, where help and advice is given and personal growth is fostered.

Som – Fundació  provides home help, residential and occupational help, as well as entertainment suitable for each person, according to their needs and expectations. Som – Fundació will also accompany wards to doctor´s appointments, to the hospital, and to buy clothes and personal effects. Likewise, the Foundation seeks the necessary help to establish networks within the community to facilitate their inclusion, whenever possible. Finally, to help normalize the lives of those under guardianship, we try to send a high percentage of them on holiday.

In the patrimonial sector
In the exercise of the guardianship, the personal and the patrimonial dimensions form a unit, although in some cases a judicial decision can divide them. Most of the time, the patrimony of those under the guardianship of SOM – FUNDACIÓ CATALANA TUTELAR is minimal, but it is managed in a thoughtful and rigorous, effective, transparent and totally individualized manner.

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