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Som – Fundació Catalana Tutelar is a non-lucrative institution that defends the rights, protects and watches the quality of life of the people with learning disabilities and development and with judicially limited capacity in Catalonia.



The mission of  Som – Fundació is watch in order to achieve that people with intellectual disabilities or development have the necessary help and support so that they can develop their personal projects long their lives.



The foundation tries to be a consolidated and a referent institution that, from the commitment with the society, and the persons with intellectual disabilities or development works for their full integration, the exercise of their rights and the improvement of their quality of life.



The values of  Som – Fundació are:

  • COMMITMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The institution has a commitment with the people who guards and with the society in general in order to identify and make visible the development of social rights and demand social and public responsibility. The criteria are based on: accompaniment, integrity, justice and humanism.
  • TRANSPARENCY. The management of the accounts, of the patrimony and administration, in general, of the Foundation, as well as those of the pupils, are rigorous and fulfil the general principles of accountability, and they are reported, regularly, to the required organisms (Protectorate, Administration, Attorney, etc.) so that society will be able to have full guaranty of the task carried out. This transparency is based on these criteria: Efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, austerity, and innovation.
  • INDEPENDENCE. In order to guarantee the control of quality of life of the pupils, the institution does not provide residential, labour, educational services, since their objectivity could be dismissed in case of having to defend their rights and interests. This independence is based on these criteria: objectivity, subsidiarity, and non-discrimination.
  • CONFIDENCE. The institution, along these years of existence, has been achieving the confidence of families or guardians of the people with learning disabilities, as well as the social entities and public administrations, and at the same time it has given a especial treatment to the people who are under its guardianship. This confidence is based on these criteria: personalisation, and acknowledgement.


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