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Mosaic of Sounds” is a project born by the initiative of Asociación Española de Orquestas Sinfónicas, in collaboration with Plena Inclusion and Fundación BBVA. One of the objectives of this project is promote the rights to the equality of opportunities of persons with intellectual disabilities, through their participation on musical activities.

Mosaic of Sounds” has the participation of 14 symphonic orchestras of Spain and 228 persons with intellectual disability of 8 autonomic federations, Catalunya, included. Some of these persons play a musical instrument and others dance. Isabel, whom we support, is one of the dancers.

During the days 17, 18 and 19 of February, Isabel has participated in the micro compositions performed in the Auditori de Barcelona. Isabel has commented us that she was very excited in being able to participate because it is a very interesting experience and the project is an opportunity to promote the contribution of the persons with intellectual disability in musical activities. However, she outstands that when she was offered to join this group she was a bit afraid, but as she started to participate in several workshops, she realised that it was an impressive option to demonstrate her musical skills.

The persons that collaborate in the project “Mosaic of Sounds” have worked since September 2016, in musical workshops on the play biggest flower of the World, a musical piece composed by Emilio Aragón based on a short story by José Saramago, in order to do the corresponding performances. According to Isabel, during this time, they rehearsed monthly with recorded music, but during the latest weeks, they have rehearsed with an orchestra, and the sound has been clearly different.

At the end of the final rehearsal, Isabel felt very happy and she said that she was ready for the premiere. Besides, she had the warm congratulations of the conductor of the orchestra, Kazushi Ono.

Montserrat S., guardianship referent of Isabel, went to see the performance and she said that the orchestra as well as the dancers gave a big performance.

Congratulations, Isabel for the performance and for sharing with us such han exciting experience.

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