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“Nati is more than a companion, she is like a mother, like a sister, my best friend”

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Pilar is an enthusiastic person, although she has faced challenges, not always pleasant. She is always smiling, she is very helpful, and she enjoys every single moment, each second, as it would be the last one. She is very active, either at work or at her residence or with her companions. She likes handicraft and cooking recipes, and she likes to give presents and share her things with the people she loves.

For Pilar,  Nati is part of her small circle she loves, a person that has become a key piece in her welfare: to go for a walk, play with her cat, have a drink in the evening in the bar of her neighbourhood. … She is always there, accompanying her day by day activities and listening to her peculiar stories.

“Nati is more than a companion, she is like a mother, like a sister, my best friend”. With these words, Pilar, describes her volunteer partner, adding that she is very patient and that she worries about her. “I am happy in these moments with her, I am very grateful”, she comments while she talks about other matters.

She knows how to differentiate the role of Pilar from the rest of the people that are part of Som Fundació and the people that take care of her. She knows that Sofia and Montse, the team responsible of her, will take her to the doctor’s when she isn’t well and they are in charge of all her things. On the other hand, she knows that Nati is her companion, the person who listen to her stories.

And she is not wrong. Nati always arrives where we cannot arrive, becoming her confessor, loving her, and above all, she is a person who normalises her life.


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