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The programme Ara i Aquí invited us to participate in a discussion about ‘Do we Discriminate persons with intellectual disabilities?’ that was broadcast on Friday, November 2nd in by TVE1 Catalunya. The aim of the programme was to deal with the most relevant problems that people with intelectual disabilities have in their day-by-day life.

vida-independiente-discapacitat-intel·lectualLuisa L. and Montse C. share their experience of independent life in the report that was recorded a few days before. The objective was to show that the persons with intellectual disabilities could live comfortably with the necessary support, in a flat with other flatmates.  On the other hand, family Molinos, who is part of the Preguardianship Programexposed the subjects that most worry them when dealing with the quality of life of their son when they do not live any longer.

In the discussion, conducted by Carlos Fuentes, participated Andy Trias, writer and member of the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down, Rosa Cadenas, president of Dincat, and Anna Grau, journalist, Roger Montañola, political scientist, Andrés Labella, lawyer. Besides, a group of people to whom we support had the opportunity to share their experience:voluntariat-inclusiu-discapacitat-intel·lectual

  • Cristóbal O. described his task as volunteer in the program #ICanToo
  • Dolça H., shared what the task of guardianship volunteer at the foundation contributes to her life.
  • Joaquina N. explained her personal experience of improvement.
  • José Manuel G. exposed some issues that he has developed with the work group of Observatori de Drets de Dincat.
  • Miquel F. dealt the subject of recuperation of the right to vote, and he stated that he is now much happier of being able to participate in the next elections.

After the programme, the participants of the debate commented us that they were highly satisfied of having been able to explain in first person their testimony.


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