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On October, 23rd, 24th, and 25th, it took place in Madrid the X National Meeting of Guardianship Volunteering, organised by the Asociación Española de Fundaciones Tutelares.  In this occasion, there were 150 volunteers who represented the different entities that take part of the association. There were seven people from som –fundació, accompanied by the manager director and the person responsible of the Programme of Volunteering.

The official opening of the meeting had the presence of Alvaro Cuesta, vocal of Consejo General del Poder Judicial; Teresa Palahí, general secretary of Fundación ONCE, Luis Cayo, president of the Comité Español de Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad (CERMI), Santiago López, president of Plena Inclusión; Emilio Polo, member of the a Junta Directiva de la Plataforma de Voluntariado de España (PVE), and Luis Perales, president of the de Asociación Española de Fundaciones Tutelares.

The different participants of the opening table coincided in outstanding the task developed by Volunteers that accompany and give support to the people with learning disabilities protected by the guardianship entities. “Volunteers, as well, bring new ideas and collaborate with the social task done by the Foundations”, Teresa Palahí, general secretary of ONCE, stated.

At the welcome of Friday evening, volunteers and professionals enjoyed a traditional ball of two couples of Recepcionchulapos that showed the audience their dance abilities and invited people to join them on the dance hall.

On Saturday morning, it took place the act of delivery of Awards of guardianship Volunteers and the celebration of the “Voluntary Action: Challenges and opportunities.”

On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, we had the presence of two professional persons of the Consulting Izada that, together with persons of the stable working group of AEFT, gave fresh impetus the Open Space. This space allowed the assistants propose and share their ideas. There were discussions Sin titulo 1about the link with the foundations, with the persons under guardianship and with the volunteers in different workshops that the hostess chaired with the support of the persons of the above mentioned team.

After four rounds of Open Space on Saturday, the assistants made a touristic walk around the city with five official tourist guides of Madrid Community, that explained every detail and anecdotes of the most emblematical places of Madrid.

On Sunday morning, it took place the Plenary of Open Space, in which a person, representing each of the spaces of debate shared with the rest of the participants the most relevant conclusions of each of the workshops. Later, Jose Maria Gasalla gave a lecture about the confidence in the volunteer action, giving to X National Meeting of Guardianship Volunteering a more positive and joyful atmosphere.

This meeting has allowed the assistants share their experiences and concerns. At the same time, the volunteers have had the opportunity of participating in different activities of debate and reflection that have been carried out about their solidary task in the area of guardianship volunteering.

Finally, we want to outstand some opinions expressed by the volunteers of somfundació that have attended this meeting because, we mustn’t forget, it is them who have been the protagonists of the event:

  • Manel L. “In these meetings is where one realise the importance of volunteers. Otherwise, one appreciates only your small effort, but one doesn’t see the greatness of the movement you belong to“.
  • Dolors B. “Fantastic!!! We are looking forward to the next meeting taking place in two years time”.
  • Joana T. “Very nice people, eager to learn, and with a lot of enthusiasm.”
  • Constancio E. “The meeting of Open Space! The first after the award and the approval of the law of volunteers. A very interesting experience that I have been able to sahere with very diverse people.”
  • Nati C. “Thank you very much indeed to everybody: These days have been unforgettable”
  • Neus G. “We take with us a good experience back to Barcelona”

X Encuentro Voluntariado

Thanks a lot indeed to the volunteers for your dedication!!

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