Data protection policy

According to the data protection regulations
Som — Fundació collects, treats and protects
your personal data.

Som — Fundació always asures the privacy
of the persons we support.
Som — Fundació guards
all the personal data
as regulated by the General Regulation of Data Protection.
It will only collect the necessary data.

  1. Responsible for the use of data
    The person responsible for the use of the data
    The address of the entity is 12 carrer Sant Fructuós baixos of Barcelona. Postal code 08004.
    Company Tax Identification Code: G58371907.
    Phone: 93 298 03 01.
    FAX: 93 298 01 12.
    Data protection officer: Albert Rodríguez Fernàndez.
    Contact person in the Data Protection Department:

Intimacy or part
of life
that we protect
of other people.

General Regulation
of Data Protection:
Rules that describe
how are used
your personal data
and the movement
of this data.

  1. Objective, legitimation and conservation of data
    1. Objective
      When your personal data is collected through the forms
      on the institution’s website
      you will need to fill in the data marked with an asterisk (*)
      so that we can take care of resolving your request.
      If not all the information is provided,
      Som — Fundació will not be able to do
      what is requested.
      Data that does not have an asterisk can be included voluntarily
      because they are not mandatory.
      Les dades que ens dones a través de la pàgina web
      s’utilitzen per:

That follows the law

  • Contact the different departments of Som — Fundació:
    Communication, Guardianship and Volunteering,
    and with the Legal or Management Services.
    Resolve complaints, grievances.
  • Contact and respond to requests
    made in relation to the services of Som — Fundació.


File a complaint
when a person is not happy
with operation of a service or product.

  • Digital newsletter.
    News and information of interest
    about Som — Fundació
    are sent by email.Information to sell or promote products,
    entities or activities.
    Information sent by email about Som — Fundació
    to people who ask for it.If you no longer wish to receive this information,
    you must send an email to
    asking Som — Fundació to stop sending this information.

Digital newsletter:
Publication taking place
every certain period of time
and dealing on a specific topic.
Digital newsletters are usually sent by email.

  • Statistics
    Som — Fundació send emails
    to study and gather information
    to assess the success of its campaigns.
    The information is collected in the forms of the website
    to find out how the user got to know the service.
    All this data is only used by Som — Fundació.

Part of mathematics
that is responsible for the study
of a characteristic of the population.
It collects data,
organizes them into tables or graphics
and then draws conclusions
about this population.

2.2 Legitimation
An option appears on all forms
where the person gives permission to Som — Fundació
to use the data.
Any time, the person user may decide
to withdraw the permission.
At point 5 of this document,
we explain how it can be done.

2.3 Time the data are saved
The data given to us by the person that we support
are saved for the duration of the service you request.
When data are no longer needed,
remain at the disposal of the authorities the time set by law.
Then they are removed.

3. Who can receive these data?
The data that people give us
are not sent to other people or companies.
Only authorities who have permission by law
can access this data.
No data are sent to any other country
or international organization.

That follows the law.

  1. Use of your rights
    You can exercise your data protection rights
    sending a letter to:
    Som — Fundació Catalana Tutelar,
    12th Sant Fructuós Street, ground floor.
    Post code: 08004 (Barcelona).
    The letter should be addressed to the person responsible for Data Protection.
    It can also be done by email to the address
    It is important that your application,
    either in writing or by email,
    accompanied by a copy of the National Identity Document (DNI)
    or any other document that serves to identify yourself.
    4.1. Right to access to your data
    You can ask if Som-Fundació
    is making good use of your personal data.
    You can also request the following information:
    • The purpose for which your data is used.
    • Types of personal data.
    • People or organizations whom your personal data is communicated.
    •If possible, the time Som-Fundació will save your personal data.
    4.2. Right to modify your data
    The user may request
    to change the incorrect personal data.
    You can also request new information.
    4.3. Right to delete your data
    You can ask  to delete your personal data.
    Som —Fundació deletes user’s data in the following cases:• Work or service for which the requested data is now over. So, the data are no longer needed.
    • The user withdraws their consent.
    • The user exercises the right to be against the use of data.
    • Personal data have been used contrary to what the law says.
    • Personal data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation.
    • The data have been obtained to provide a service.

Data will not be deleted when needed for any of the following reasons:
• They allow the exercise of the right freedom of expression and information.
• They comply with a law.
• They are of interest to public health.
• They are used for studies or scientific research.
• The user is making a claim.

4.4 Right to limit data
You may request to reduce the use of the data
in the following cases:
• While Som — Fundació checks the data when the user thinks they are incorrect.
• The processing of data is legal but its use is requested to be limited.
• Som — Fundació does not need the data but the user does to make claims.
• When the user requests Som — Fundació to stop using his/her data and we verify that the request is legal.

4.5. Right to be against that Som — Fundació uses its data
Som — Fundació is no longer used the data of the users
for some specific services when requested.
If this request is justified,
Som — Fundació will stop using personal data to perform these services.

4.6. Right to have access to your data.
All users have the right to receive the personal data
they have given to Som — Fundació.

5. Possibility to revoke permission to use the data
Som — Fundació will no longer use your data if you request it.
You can send a letter in writing or an email message.
If you want to send a letter, the address is:
Som – Fundació Catalana Tutelar,
12th Sant Fructuós Street, ground floor.
CP: 08004 (Barcelona).
It should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer.
You can also send an email to

6. True, accurate and complete data
Personal data that the user must give must be:
• True. Let them not be false.
• Complete. Nothing is missing.
• Updated.
For example, if the user changes his/her address,
has to report it to Som — Fundació
to change the data.
If the user enters an internet link and gives the data to other people or companies,
Som — Foundation is not in charge
of the use of data made by these people or companies.
Data protection laws may change.
If you have to sign any document,
it is important to re-read the Data Protection Policy.

7. Security of personal data
Som — Fundació puts the necessary measures
to ensure that personal data given to us
by the users is safe:
• No changes can be made without the permission of the data owner.
• We have security so that data is not lost.
• No one without authorization can access the data.

8. Claims
If the user believes that his/her personal data is being misused
He/she can contact your data protection authority.
You can write a letter to the Catalan Data Protection Authority
to the following address:
214th Rosselló Street, Escala. A, 1st 1st,
PC 08008 (Barcelona).
You can also email us
at the address

9. Internet Protection
Nothing related to Som — Fundació
can be used from another web page
without warning first.
The design or images of Som — Fundació
may not be used without permission.
If someone does, he or she will be responsible for their actions.
Som — Fundació may make changes to its website at any time.
Som — Fundació is not responsible than other web pages publish.
All the information that is accessed by users via internet links
they do so under their personal responsibility.
The user of Som-Fundació website
must agree with what is explained in this document.

File a complaint
when a person
is not happy
with a service or product.