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The Fundació Hurkoa and the Institut Basc de Criminologia organise the conference “Una realitat invisible” (An invisible reality) to deal with the subject of the accompaniment and prevention of abuse in elderly people in situation of vulnerability. The meeting will take place on February 21st, at the Auditori Centre Carlos Santamaría of Donostia.

situación-fragilidad-personas-mayoresThe objective of the conference is to analyse the situations of lack of protection of these persons and assess how prevent them in order to avoid possible abuses or inadequate treatments.

Likewise, there will be a presentation of the most relevant data of the study carried out by the Fundació Hurkoa, the Town Hall of Azkoitia, and the Fundació Adinberri to analyse the social needs of this collective related with the relational and family relationship, the level of dependency, the legal and financial situation, housing, and knowledge of social resources available for them. On the other hand, this study tries to identify and assess the situation of vulnerability if people over 65 that live on their own with the finality of developing a model of attention that improves their quality of life.

After the opening of the conference there will take place a table of debate to define the present and future of elderly people. The journalist Estrella Vallejo of El Diario Vasco, and the participation of Raquel Sant Sebastià, director of Adinberri, José Luis Marañon, member of Patronat d’Hurkoa, and Bakarne Extxeberria, responsible of the programme Fragilitat (Vulnerability) in Hurkoa, will chair such debate.

The second half of the conference will be devoted to the assessment of the juridical tools for the accompaniment and prevention of abuse. In this debate, chaired by Itziar Alkorta, professor of Dret Civil in the Facultat de la UPV-EHU, will participate Antonio Manuel Ferrer, responsible of the Juridical area of Som – Fundació, Aurora Elósegui, Magistrada del Jutjat de 1a Instància núm. 6 de Donostia, and Valentina Montero, notary.

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