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assistent-persones-amb-discapacitatVanessa M. was used to overcome on her own the problems that came around along her life, but there was a moment when several circumstances made her feel “overwhelmed by the situation”.  At that moment, she decided to ask for advice to a social worker of the Special Centre of Work of Fundació Portolà, where she worked, and she recommends Vanessa to call on Som – Fundació.

After the first interviews and assessments carried out, Vanessa was proposed to apply to the judicial authority the assignment of the assistance care. This figure is the highest in coincidence with the principles of the UN Convention of Rights of the persons with Disabilities, since it is the very same person who applies to the judge for the type of support he/she requires, whether this belongs to the personal or to the patrimonial sphere.

Vanessa was very determined: she needed help in the economic sphere as well in the administrative management in order to be able to continue living at her home in an independent way. In the interview she told us, amidst laughter, that, in the beginning, she used to question the proposals she received form the foundation, but once she assessed them, she realised that they were the best option and then she decided to carry them out.

assistent-persones-amb-discapacitatCurrently, Vanessa is highly pleased with the challenges she has already fulfilled, which have allowed her to improve her quality of life. But what she most values about the assistance is the peace she enjoys for having the support of the foundation. She knows that whenever she has a problem, whether economic or personal, she can contact Rosa Padilla, her referent, talk about the problem, and find a solution to it.

Vanessa has always considered important to differentiate between assistant and guardian. She knows for certain that the figure of the assistant does not imply the modification of the juridical capacity and it always the preferences of the person assisted. For this reason, she recommends to other people that feel themselves “overwhelmed by their situation” to apply for the figure of the assistance because “the foundation advises me, but it is me who takes the decisions”.

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