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dret-a-vot-persones-amb-discapacitat-intel·lectualLast November, 7th, the Plenary of the Members of Spanish Parliament, took into consideration the admission the acceptance for processing the Draft Law of the Reform of the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime, and thus guarantee the right to vote of all the persons with intellectual disabilities, mental illness or cognitive deterioration.

This reform supposes the elimination of the articles that allow that, in the sentence of modification of capacity, deprive persons of the right to vote, proposing, at the same time, the elimination with retroactive nature.

Now, the procedure of the reform is going on with the presentation of amendments, and deliberations so we have to wait for their regulation.

Currently, around 100.000 persons in Spain are deprived of their right to vote, although in the Convention of the UN about The Right of the Persons with Disabilities stablishes that they have juridical capacity in equal conditions with the other persons in all the aspects of life.

From Som – Fundació we consider that this reform would promote the participation in society of the collective of persons we support and, at the same time, it wouldn’t link the process of modification of capacity with the deprivation of the right to vote. This will be a good start to reach the full inclusion of the persons with intellectual disabilities.

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