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Josep wants to help and love. That’s why he decided to accompany Pedro, one of the persons under our guardianship and that has taken part of his life for some months.

Now, he finds himself in a vital moment and wants to form himself in tasks related to the social area and do voluntary tasks in Som Fundació and other entities of this social sector.

Today, he explains to us his experience with Pedro.

How has it been this moment of being together with Pedro?
It has been superb. It is certain that Pedro is introverted, it takes him time to decide and have relationships, but once he trusts people, he wants to do a lot of things.

What do you do together?
We have gone to the cinema, we have gone to Camp Nou. Although in the beginning he seems not to do things, later he changes his mind and he enjoys himself.

And you, how have you felt, accompanying him?
I also enjoy myself, seeing him happy, I feel myself fulfilled. Pedro is a bit introverted, but I like to offer him the opportunity to open himself. Now, I am not working, so I want to do the things I like. I am doing voluntary tasks in different places and I want to accompany more people.

For me, it is highly satisfying to feel that I am helping someone.

Thanks, Josep!

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